Mermaid Baby Embrace Art by Robert Kline Nautical Nursery Decor

Mermaid Baby Embrace by Robert Kline
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Mermaid Baby Embrace

Mermaid baby art and story by Robert Kline

This is a retired mermaid baby print that is very limited in supply and therefore only available in the following size (entire matted size): 11" x 14" that comes unmatted on a piece of 1/4" foam board.

This beautiful mermaid baby art and story comes from a collection of Sea Maidens (mermaids), Sea Babies (mermaid babies), Sea Masters (merman), pirateslighthouses and fairies created by renowned artist and novelist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida.  The print is a lithograph reproduction of Robert's original watercolor and pencil painting. Hand labeled and signed by Robert in pencil, all the prints come with a 1/4" foam backing and the 5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14" are matted so all you need is a frame and they are ready to hang on your wall! Each print also comes with an excerpt from Robert’s novel The Forgotten Voyage of H.M.S. Baci. A fantastic saga in which multiple generations of the Roberts’ family explore the seven seas in search of the world’s mermaid and merman population. Thus, you receive the passage from Robert's novel describing the particular event in which the character(s) in the print were sighted. The following is the story for this print:

Beautiful Sea Babies were on the horizon, yet, the worst argument of Sir Edmund Roberts’ voyage was at hand. It occurred when the naturalist suggested to his very pregnant wife the wisdom of a side trip to the frigid waters near the south pole. “It would be a capital idea, dearest!” he proclaimed, “The cool air might improve your disposition!” Clutching her very swollen tummy, she responded in a trice, “Having no back ache would improve my disposition, you imbecile! Food that would remain claim in my stomach would help my disposition, you blithering idiot! Fewer kicks and prods from my interior would benefit my disposition you unthinking dolt! The company of an intelligent woman would enhance my disposition, you ham-handed, ignorant boor; and certainly, the presence of one sensitive man would buoy my disposition, you foolish nincompoop! An unmoving floor beneath my feet; and since you apparently do not understand such matters, a feather bed with down comforters and soft pillows would definitely aid my disposition, you nit-wit---though you would rather think of underwater machines and other women! And truth be known, a land with absolutely no men would probably allow my disposition to soar to heights unimagined, sir. If you are aware of such a place, please direct our helmsman!”
She was still speaking as Sir Edmund backed away to the sanity of the hold, obsessively to supervise the finishing touches on his submarine. Gnarly Dan wisely accompanied him, whispering as they retreated, “This’d be a fine time at be a bit more quite, Yer honor; our Cap is close to mutiny if ya ain’t noticed.”

It was shortly after they were below decks that both men heard the helmsman alert and sails altered as the good H.M.S Baci did indeed turn her course southward toward the land of ice. Sir Edmund and Gnarly Dan exchanged glances without comment. They sailed to the icy waters, had a wonderful, if frustrating, adventure regarding a ghost ship, and later encountered an iceberg populated with penguins and Sea Babies.

“They’s just makin’ friends a’ locals,” Gnarly Dan explained. “Yer Sea Baby’d be as open an’ friendly as any gob could wish.” They lowered Halley’s patented diving apparatus, from whose window Sir Edmund immediately spied a brace of Sea Babies embracing. Gnarly Dan explained “They mums is prob’ly around’ somewhere, hobnobbin like they does, an’ they pa’s is likely off wrestin’ sea lions or some such sport.” They’d allowed the aging seamen, Rodin, to accompany them. He studied the pair of sea creatures wistfully and finally added, “Ain’t nothin’ a man can create better’n babies.”

Sir Edmunds journal reads:
Phantom ships and frolicking Sea Babies. Ice birds (penguins!) and ice islands. My new bride is full with the bloom of life, though a bit piquant for my taste (this dangerous observation confided to the obscurity of my journal).

Sea Babies 18 and 19
Quite healthy. Apparently happy. Beautiful coloration.
May 5, 1836 - Queen Maud’s Land

There are many more sea maidens (mermaids), sea baby, pirates and sea masters prints available. Different characters and print sizes. Collect the series! This item will be sent flat via USPS 1st class mail or priority mail.

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