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Mermaid with Black Tip Shark by Robert Kline
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Mermaid with Black Tip Shark - Sea Maiden 7 Flora

Mermaid with black tip shark art and story by Robert Kline

This is a retired mermaid print that is limited in supply and therefore it is currently available in the following matted sizes (entire matted size): 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 11" x 14".

This wonderful Mermaid with black tip shark art and story comes from a collection of Sea Maidens (mermaids), Sea Babies (mermaid babies), Sea Masters (merman), pirateslighthouses and fairies created by renowned artist and novelist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida.  The print is a lithograph reproduction of Robert's original watercolor and pencil painting. Hand labeled and signed by Robert in pencil, all the prints come with a 1/4" foam backing and the 5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14" are matted so all you need is a frame and they are ready to hang on your wall! Each print also comes with an excerpt from Robert’s novel The Forgotten Voyage of H.M.S. Baci. A fantastic saga in which multiple generations of the Roberts’ family explore the seven seas in search of the world’s mermaid and merman population. Thus, you receive the passage from Robert's novel describing the particular event in which the character(s) in the print were sighted. The following is the story for this print:

When Edmund C. Roberts went to sea in 1912 he did so with more then a reasonable shares of dislikes: he did not particularly care to be afloat, for the motion of the ship made him ill—he wished to avoid the company of women as they had historically caused him nothing but inconvenience or heartache—he considered all but the smallest percentage of men his social and intellectual inferior; the vast majority being, in his opinion, on a par with draught horses and slow dogs—and as for children; they made him itch.

Yet, one by one, his prejudices were vanishing. It had been some time since he had cast a meal into the ocean, and further, he now reveled in the sharp bite of the sea air. More than a few times he found himself looking forward to the presence of those who worked his vessel, going so far on occasion as to descend below decks and observe those who toiled stoking the ship’s boilers and oiling its huge machinery. He had idle chats with his chief engineer and with the Baci Finale’s captain. Things had indeed begun to change.

In point of fact, he now smiled as his three former stowaways ran toward him. They were dressed rather smartly, attired in diminutive sailor’s uniforms; certainly a far cry from the tattered men’s shirts they’d worn when discovered.

“Yer honor!” Sarah shouted, “We seen a bloody whale, a nasty bird-like thing, and a sea weed as long as yer ship” Sue added, “We seen ‘em! Each one! Even Marie! Marie trailed her sisters and grinned with satisfaction because she had been mentioned. “Have you really now?” Edmund mused. “Quite nice, really, that you should see so many things! Jolly good show, girls!”
And so it was.

But he had not come to terms with his carpenters’ daughter Alex. Now that she made no effort to disguise her femininity, she haunted him—subtly, at first, he realizing only an anxiety or annoyance when she was near. Then, when she wasn’t, he began to wonder where she was. With time he speculated as to her daily routine. Then, what she ate. Where. With whom. He thought of her preparing to retire. Before long he lay in bed and pictured her asleep. Then awake. Lonely and pacing the ship’s deck. Dressing. Undressing. (He was out of control.)

Such was the case as he sat alone in his diving apparatus wondering what she was about. A black tip shark startled him as it swam by. Then slowly, a Sea Maiden drifted into view. The shark sensed her immediately and began to circling. But that was all he did. They drifted by and into the distance.

That night as Edmund added to his journal he wondered what the carpenter’s daughter was doing. “By God, she haunts me,” he thought as he reflected on her masculine allure.

His entry reads:
Maidenus perilus, “Flora”
Sighted October 3, 1912

There are many more sea maidens (mermaids), sea baby, pirates and sea masters prints available. Different characters and print sizes. Collect the series! This item will be sent flat via USPS 1st class mail or priority mail.

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