Shop Mermaid Baby (Sea Baby) Art by Robert Kline

Mermaid baby art and stories by renowned artist and author Robert Kline of Saint Augustine, Florida. The prints are lithograph reproductions of Robert's original pencil and watercolor paintings and come with the accompaning story from his popular merfolk saga The Forgotten Voyage of the HMS Baci. Hand labeled and signed by Robert in pencil, the 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" prints come matted with a 1/4" foam backing, so all you need is a frame and they are ready to hang on your wall! The merfolk and pirate prints come with the excerpt from Robert's fantastic novel The Forgotten Voyage of H.M.S. Baci in which multiple generations of the Robert’s family sail the seven seas in search of and documenting the world’s mermaid, sea baby and merman population.

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